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There is no friend as loyal
as a book.
   --Ernest Hemingway


Karen Sue Burns


Well, here you are! Many thanks for dropping by. Please, look around and enjoy my world of Writing - Traveling - Cooking - Opining on Current Topics

Latest Release

My Latest Release--->

Two animal buddies embark on an unexpected adventure through a magical forest to discover the love and bond between them and their favorite human is rock solid.


The Magic Forest follows the antics of a spirited Golden Retriever named George and his BFF Bailey, a sleek and thoughtful black cat. On the way to a new home with their family, they stop for gas. George jumps out of the family car and Bailey soon follows. Thinking the two are asleep in the car, their family continues on without them. It seems hopeless, until two teenagers befriend the duo and vow to reunite them with their family.


Their journey takes them to a magical forest where the real adventure begins. They meet trick-playing trees, spend time solving a riddle for a Supreme Oak, assemble a puzzle for a wizard, and tumble from a tree right into a video game. After all these obstacles, will George and Bailey finally make it home and back to their human best friend?  

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