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Book 1


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Christmas Kisses
Waterside Wishes

Jacee and her dog Moose planned a quiet and relaxing cathartic Christmas holiday at Lake Cypress. The plan quickly goes off kilter—running into an old ex-friend, baking cookies with new friends, and spending Christmas Eve with a precious family and a very handsome widower. Can Jacee move on from her past to create a future with newfound Christmas blessings?

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Book 2
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When $25 million is stolen from her employer, a relationship phobic CPA determines it’s her duty to search for the thief alongside the handsome donor of the gift, who keeps a devastating secret from her. They rush from Houston to Las Vegas to Rome, Italy in their chase and along the way an unexpected romance blooms. Will they snare the thief and will their new relationship survive the secret?


The assassination of an American president

changes everything.

A U.S. President is shot in the Capitol's House Chamber via a drone. The first female president is then thrust into the

Oval Office. Capitol Secrets is a tightly woven tale of an ineffectual and corrupt

Washington, and the struggles of a new White House administration.

Red Christmas Wreath

Four romantic and heartwarming Christmas themed stories featuring fictional residents of Sugar Land, Texas:

THE CHRISTMAS STAR - Two lonely people find each other and learn the true meaning of the holiday entails family and love.

A HOLIDAY SURPRISE - Can two mature, successful single adults overcome their differences and succeed together a second time?

CHRISTMAS BY CANDLELIGHT – With a clever puppy, a writer falls for a hunky landscaper as feelings of loyalty to her dead husband threaten her chance at happiness.


ROCKIN’ JINGLE BELLS – Can high school sweethearts, a coffee café manager and a famous rock singer, overcome the dissimilarities in their lives and build a relationship based on love and trust?


This collection has additional Enriched Content that includes pictures, recipes, and author notes for each story with access or a notation to it throughout each story.


Can a diehard city girl find joy and love in small-town Texas?

After leaving a promising career in Los

Angeles, a thirty-something woman returns to Brenham, Texas to manage her family's B&B with the help of her younger sister. A resident ghost along with a new boarder teach her the true meaning of home, family and love.

Tote Bag

When a heartbroken bookstore manager meets a charming ghost, sparks fly and the elimination of a decades old curse becomes crucial to their futures.


Zoe Miller plans to purchase of Merlin’s Favorite Bookstore while remodeling the house she inherited from her grandma. She’s on a break from men, although Ansel Delaney, the ghost in her attic does keep her entertained at night. He’s resided there for over seventy years as it’s the site of his murder. A curse forces him to stay put rather than pass on to the hereafter. 


Zoe and Ansel join forces to discover the identity of his murderer and to resolve the curse holding him to her house—neither expected to fall in love along the way. How can a human and a ghost have a future together?

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