And now it begins.

August 25, 2022

I've decided to place my thoughts about current events and the state of the USA on this website. As a grandmother, I am very concerned about the current state of affairs and the future my four grandsons will face. It is definitely not what I envisioned or would want for them.


In fact, if I had the power of a magic wand, I would wave it over Washington, DC and erase every incompetent person in Congress, the White House, and every federal agency. We the People must live by the dictates of the U.S. Constitution and we must require our elected officials and government employees to do the same. After all, no one is above the law.

There is a long list of those who appear to be above the law. You know who they are. My magic wand would have a field day dealing with this list of anti-Americans. I've wondered a million times how these people became so against their native country. You know there is a reason and it doesn't deal with what are the best policies for the American people as a whole. No, it is related to personal gain. As I've said many times on Twitter: "Follow the money."


Yep, I figure that most politicians and other public figures who vote for and implement policies so detrimental to We the People, do so because they are being paid by one of our enemies to undermine the USA. We all know that money talks and doesn't give a damn for who is hurt. Just ask Joe.

--Boomer Girl Opines